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Twenty Two Months Old *May 13, 2013*

Alli will be TWO in just TWO months!! I have finally started planning her second birthday party (Elmo theme), and I can't believe that my little teeny baby will be two years old so soon.  Plus, that means that she only has a few more months until she is no longer the baby, and that is such a big change all by itself.  She is so lovable, and it is hard not to smile and laugh the whole time your around her.  She continues to be such a joy in our lives, and we are so thankful for her!

Not a whole bunch has changed since her last post, so most of the things will be the same. 
Here's what you're up to: 

*You weigh about about 23 pounds  and are just over 31 inches tall. 

*You still have 15 teeth, and we are waiting on those molars to start working their way through.

*You love saying "hi" and "bye bye" to anyone and everyone. 
*You still love Chevy and still call him "dog." You look for him each morning. When we ask you what a doggie says, you say "woof woof."

*Your vocabulary has grown so much that I can't even keep track of all the words that you say.  I know this list leaves out so many, you are quite the little chatter box. Here are the words you say most often: NO, nope, duck, cow, tree, please, waffle, milk, dog, Lila, mama, dada, mommy, blanket, tubby, book, Mickey, Minnie, fish, banana 'nana', chip 'fip', animals, Nemo, hi, hello, shoes, wow, uh huh, yes, Ye-Ye and Mamu (for your grandmamas), edaddy, thanks, yeah, stinky, Chevy, phone, iPad, mouth, and outside.

*The phrases that you  say are  "That's mine," "no mine," "I need help," "milk please," "I'm hurt," "I'm sorry," "That's hot," "let's go," "It's raining."

*You love to sing the endings of the phrases in "Jesus loves me." 
*You can repeat most one-syllable words that we ask you. 
*You still drink about four full cups of milk per day, sometimes more. You will steal Lila's too if it's closer than yours.

*You still love pretending to talk on the phone or to take pictures with a camera.

*In Sunday school, your teacher says that you like to sort things by colors and that you're very smart. We already knew that you were a smart cookie though :)

*Still hooked on the pacis; we've gotten so bad about letting you have them all day this past month...sigh...we plan on taking it away in July.  You named it "mouth" and are even more obsessed. If you have your blanket in your hands, you want your "mouth". 

*You are such a monkey and love to climb on everything.  
*You are so proud of yourself that you can finally jump with two feet off the ground. You jump all over the place, especially in your crib.  You also love to jump on the little trampoline
*Taking one big nap per day from 2-4. You sleep for a max of 2 hours and rarely ever longer than that.

*You usually wake up between 7 and 7:30.  You have started to play in your crib, which buys us a little bit of time. 
 *Your eating habits are still so random. You will eat the baby food pouches sometimes, but you love anything in the form of a cracker or bread. You love sweets, waffles, apples, bananas, cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, and grapes. You eat Gerber pinwheel pasta meals and peas and carrots. You LOVE any kind of berries too!
*Still wearing size 3 diapers, 12-18 month clothes (some 24 month clothes, but that's more rare), 12 and 18 month sleepers (the 12 month sleepers are finally getting a little too small for you!).
*You and your sister grow closer every day.  She loves holding your hand and giving you hugs. You love hugging her sometimes, but you really love it when she plays with you!

*You still love to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad and will dance the whole time. The volume doesn't even have to be up, you just like to watch them dance. You have also really gotten into Sophia the First, Elmo, Barney, and Handy Manny
*You have gotten to be quite the little iPad pro. You love all of the Fisher Price apps as well as the other apps that are for toddlers. You also love the Disney Junior app and watch all of the shows. You definitely know how to work it better than most adults. 

*This is your last month at St. Christopher Mother's Day Out. I know that everyone will miss you there! I can't wait for you and Lila to be at the same school though.

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