Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 4

This day began with a trip to Niceville to visit our old home (that we still own). Our renters are moving out next week, and we had to do the final walk-thru to make sure everything is all good to determine the deposit return. It smells the exact same as when we lived there and brought back some great memories while looking around the place. Our renters have left it in such great shape, which is good because hopefully we can either sell it or move back into it if Josh get's re-stationed in Destin this transfer season (although I really don't want to leave Texas!!).

We got to the beach in the early afternoon and it was such a beautiful day again! Josh's family was waiting for us, and we had fun watching Lila and Coleman play together for a couple hours before they had to head back to Atlanta. It was so nice to visit with them since we don't get to see each other very often with Josh's crazy work schedule.

That evening, we took some more family pictures on the beach at sunset which included my dad this time. They turned out so great (even though Alli was fussy most of the time!). Good thing she is a cute crier! After pictures, we hung out with my and Josh's parents on the deck while we watched the beautiful sunset before heading to a dinner date with my sister. It was the first time we got to go to dinner without Alli since she was born. We went to Camiles to eat, and it was so nice to drink wine and eat delicious sushi without worrying about keeping a busy toddler entertained or a baby quiet. Josh, my sister, and I had such a great time, and the grandparents had a fun time watching and playing with the babies.

 ready for our date

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  1. That sand pumpkin is amazing! I bet you got some great pictures to frame!



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