Monday, October 24, 2011

Dewberry Farm

Yesterday, we met our friends, The Disibios, at Dewberry Farm in Brookshire, Texas to have some Fall fun (although it still feels very much like Summer here!!).  There is a huge pumpkin patch, corn maze, pig races, petting zoo, rides, and so many activities to enjoy at the farm.  The girls are too small for a lot of the rides and games, so we will be sure to come back again next year!

We got to the farm right when it opened, stayed for about three hours, and still didn't get to do everything that there is to do there. Lila had a great time leading us all through the corn maze, and thankfully, didn't get us lost since we were following her. She also had a good time playing with and climbing on the pumpkins. Alli even enjoyed being in the pumpkin patch (I think it's because she was finally out of her car seat!). We might go back in a couple of months for their Christmas activities, and if we get ambitious, cut down our own Christmas tree! ...although we will most likely still be getting our tree from Home Depot to make it easier! It was such a fun, exhausting, day at Dewberry Farm, and I can't wait to go back next year!

Having fun in the flower patch:

Lila leading us through the corn maze:

Playing in the pumpkin patch:

Lila and Elle having fun in the pumpkin patch together:


  1. Really great photos! Thanks for coming to the Farm with your beautiful family. Don't fret about cutting the tree, we have eager, young men who will cut your tree if you prefer and another bunch that will load it on the car for you. Sorry, we don't offer tree set up decorating. Your husband will have to do something!



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