Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Months Old *October 13, 2011*

* you weigh 11.8 pounds and are about 22.5 inches long.
*you are still sleeping pretty well (although I'd like it to be a little longer!). The past few weeks you have woken up like clockwork at 2am and again at either 5 or 6am. You are really hungry when you wake up, so I think that you must be growing.

*you had a few nights at the beginning of this month where you slept 7-8 hours straight. Lately it's only been in 4-5 hour stretches. Hopefully, it goes back to the 7-8 soon!
*you will grunt when you are trying to get yourself to sleep. It sounds so funny!

*we started swaddling you all the way for your naps and at night. You seem to like it better than you used to, but it doesn't help you sleep any longer at night, just longer for your naps.
*your naps are becoming slightly more regular; however, some days they are still all over the place. Most days, you will nap at around 10-11am for about an hour and again at 2 for a good two hours (which is the same time as your sister!).

*you still nurse pretty well. You are getting more used to your bottles and sometimes prefer those at certain times of the day. You nurse the best right after your naps or when you wake up from your nighttime sleep.
*you still take a while to finish a bottle, and will drink between 3-4 ounces of breastmilk every 3-4 hours.

*you still love your Avent bottles and Mam pacis.
*you are wearing mainly 0-3 month clothes with some 3 month clothes thrown in there. Some of your newborn clothes still fit, but the dresses are getting pretty short! You have completely outgrown the newborn cotton pajamas.

*still wearing size 1 diapers.
*you still like your lamb swing okay. You usually go in there about 7am when we want to get a couple more hours of sleep in the morning. You will sleep in there until 9 or 10, which gives us a chance to get up and get Lila ready for the day.

*you LOVE to look at and kick the animals in your pack-and-play, bouncer, and swing. You will coo at them and play with them for a long while!

*you have a strong grip and love to grab our fingers and various objects in your reach (toys, blankets, etc.).

*your neck is so strong and you can lift it to 90 degree on your belly. You can also hold it up so straight when being held or sitting in your Bumbo.
*you love to stand and can bear all of your weight on your legs while we just hold your hands to balance you.

*you will turn in direction of our voices as well as follow our faces with your eyes.
*you found your feet and love to play with them. You also love holding your hands together.

*you still smile all the time, especially when daddy wiggles and jiggles you or you see my face. It melts my heart!
*you got to meet your new friend, Chandler this month. You all are only 8 weeks apart!
*you went on your first vacation this past week. You did SO well on the 10-hour car ride to Florida! You had a great time visiting with family, but weren't crazy about the beach (your sister throwing sand in your face on your first day there didn't help!).

I can't believe that three sweet months have gone by with you in our lives! You are so bright-eyed and beautiful! We love you, Alli!

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  1. She is so photogenic! You are taking amazing pictures of her :)



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