Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last Day of Vacation

We ate brunch at the Donut Hole with Josh's parents before they had to leave to go back to Atlanta. It was delicious as always, and Lila was so well-behaved in her high chair! After brunch, we put Alli down for a nap while we took Lila to the beach to enjoy the sand for one last time before we headed back to Texas. She loves to get sand all over her and had the best time playing with her shovel and pail. Josh and I had such a wonderful time lounging on the beach as well as watching Lila have a blast playing on the beach. It was so great to visit with our parents, my sister, as well as Josh's sister's family this past week!

Since Lila was having such a great time playing on the beach, we didn't take her to the condo pool until yesterday for the first time. She loves her baby intertube and was having so much fun being able to "swim" without one of us having to hold her. We could only spend a couple minutes in the pool before we had to put her down for a nap, but she really enjoyed it while it lasted.

That evening, Georgia, Auburn, and Alabama were all playing their games at the same time, so we went to dinner at La Paz to watch the games. They had the Auburn game on the big screen (which was a little hard for me to watch!), but at least the food was good!
 kisses from Aunt Kimberly
 Alli says "touchdown Auburn"
This morning we slept in and got a late start heading back to Texas. The girls did so well on the almost 10 hour trip, but were so excited to finally get out of the car once we got home. We had such a great vacation, but are glad to be back home!

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