Saturday, October 15, 2011

Houston Zoo Boo

Josh got an unexpected two days off at the end of this week, so we decided to take advantage of it and head to the Houston Zoo for their Zoo Boo celebration. There was a pumpkin patch, face painting, trick-or-treating stations, and games. Josh had never been to the zoo here before, so he was really excited to go. I was excited to take the girls, especially since Lila can enjoy it so much more this year, and boy did she ever!

We got there right when it opened because it was Saturday, and we knew that it would be packed. The weather was perfect, and the girls were great on the drive up. Once we got there, we headed straight to the pumpkin patch area to let Lila pick out her own pumpkin to decorate before the crowd arrived. Lila had such a fun time picking out her pumpkin, and tested them out by seeing how far she could throw them (good thing they are sturdy little pumpkins, or I'm sure we'd be in trouble!). She painted it with paint pens and was so proud of her work. She played with her pumpkin all afternoon and evening also!

After we left the pumpkin patch, we explored the rest of the zoo. We let Lila walk, even though it took longer to get from exhibit to exhibit, so that she could see the animals better. She had such a fun time running around and seeing the different animals. She even got into looking at the map of the zoo to help daddy navigate. All of the animals were so active, and we had such a great time watching them. This time of year is such a perfect time to visit the zoo, and I'm so glad that Josh could join us this year!

sisters holding hands
 playing with her pumpkin
 me and baby girl
 My happy lil' pumpkin
Zoo Boo 2010

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  1. I LOVE their matching dresses and those bloomers are quite possibly the cutest accessory I have ever seen.



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