Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lila and her sister's shoes

Lila is obsessed with shoes and plays with any that she finds (or steals). This morning before church, while the girls were sitting on the couch, Lila saw it as a prime opportunity to steal Alli's shoes for playtime. You can tell by Alli's face that she's not too thrilled with having her shoe stollen and wishes for it back. They are so funny together!
 "Alli, I'm going to take your shoe"
 "Got it!"
 Alli: "please give it back" Lila: "I'm trying to put it on, just be still"
Lila: "Alli, you have stinky feet!" Alli: "Come on, give it back!"
 "How do you work these shoes anyways?"
 "All better, thank you!"

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