Thursday, February 23, 2012

Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

 waiting in line to get tickets
On Friday morning, Lila, Alli, and I met up with Mamu, Aunt Melissa, cousins Coleman and Caroline, second cousin Taylor, and great-aunt Marianne at the Georgia Aquarium. There were several counties that had the day off from school, so it was a bit crowded, but we were able to see the first couple exhibits almost crowd-free because we skipped the dolphin show (which I hear is really cool, I just think that Lila would enjoy it more when she does a better job sitting still!).  It was the first time that Lila, Alli, or I had ever been to this aquarium, and it was such a neat place.  The tanks were huge, and there were so many different types of fish, sharks, stingrays, and even some cute beluga whales.  I loved the various floor to ceiling tanks as well as the tunnel that is completely glass on top so it is as if you are walking underneath the sea.
Glass tank tunnel
 Sweet Beluga Whale
 Cousins in the double stroller together
pretty fish, jellyfish, and sharks
Alli was really enjoying looking at the fish that she could see, and was very content when I carried her around in the baby bijorn. Lila had the most fun just running around the place, but occasionally stopped long enough to see some fish. Her favorite room was the frog room, and she kept saying "ribbit ribbit" as loud as she could while she was in there. Lila and Coleman always have so much fun together, and this visit was no exception. They even ended the day with a wrestling match in the middle of the rotunda.
Lila being silly in the bubble
If you are in the area and haven't visited the Georgia Aquarium, I highly recommend that you go...I mean it is the world's largest!
looking at the cute penguins
 photo ops with all of the cousins

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  1. Your family looks so lovely! :) I think, everyone enjoyed themselves roaming around the whole aquarium. Is it really the largest aquarium in the world? Then I guess, visiting Albany, Georgia would be on my list this summer!



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