Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Open Gym

Yesterday, we joined our friends Ashley, Karsyn, and Chandler at Acrosport Gym for Open Gym play.  During Open Gym, the entire gym is open for the kids to run around and play with anything and everything that their little hearts desire! Lila and Karsyn had such a great time playing in the foam pit, jumping on the trampoline, climbing on the balance beam and foam objects, and swinging on the bars.  Alli and Chandler also had fun rolling, laying, sitting, and crawling on the gym floor. We were able to get a cute picture of all four babies sitting together, which was surprising since they are all so busy now!
After Open Gym, we took the tired girls to McAlisters for lunch. The babies slept most of the time, and Karsyn and Lila were really well-behaved (thanks to iPhones!!), so Ashley and I could enjoy some good adult conversation. After lunch, Lila and Karsyn had so much fun singing, jumping, twirling, and chasing each other in our little corner of the restaurant. It was so good to have a long visit with them since our lives are both so busy with all of the girl's schedules.

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