Friday, February 10, 2012

Children's Museum Visit

Today was a perfect day to meet up with some friends from my ladies Bible study at the Children's Museum of Houston! The morning started off with torrential downpours (which wasn't fun to drive in, but made for a perfect crowd-less morning at the museum!). Because the weather kept most of the crowds at bay, Lila was able to enjoy the "big kid" (Kidtropolis) part of the museum without getting trampled by older children. There were a few field trip groups, but they stayed out of our way, and we had several of the little stations to ourselves for a few minutes. Lila had such a great time pretending to play all of the different roles, but I think she enjoyed being a veterinarian the best!
 Pretend H*E*B Supermarket (Lila and I think it should be a Publix, right granddaddy?!?)
 taking care of the puppies, cats, and bunnies
Helping people on the ambulance
Handing out money at the bank
driving the police car
After we explored the downstairs area for a bit, we headed up to the Tot Spot, which is where we usually set up shop when we come to the Children's Museum. It is only for children from birth-3, so it's perfect for Lila's age (and even Alli!). Lila had a great time playing with Luke and Jack, and she even made some new friends there as well. She went down the slide several times (and looked hilarious!). She is so cautious, so she would hold onto the top as long as she could before she'd finally let go and slide like a "squished frog" as my friend Nina described :) I think Alli had a great time too being carried in the Baby Bijorn all morning and watching everyone play...she's easy to please!
going down the slide
When the kiddos had worked up an appetite, we headed down to the cafe in the lobby of the museum for lunch. Nina and I both had black bean chicken quesadillas, which were really good! I didn't expect museum food to be that good but was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't too crowded either, which was nice, because I was able to let Lila walk around the little room we were seated in and clean everything with her wipes so that we could enjoy some good adult conversation! We all had such a great day visiting the museum, and I'm so glad that Josh's parents gave us a membership so that we can go so much more this year!

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