Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lila's Birthday 2*3*12

This is the fourth post about Lila's birthday, which is a little much, but we had such a great time celebrating with her that I have to share! We love birthdays around here, so they tend to last about a week (hence the four posts!).
Yesterday was Lila's second birthday, and it started off with a birthday waffle with two shining candles. She is a little scared of fire (which is a good thing), so she was a little hesitant about her candles. However, she blew them out anyways and enjoyed her waffle.
Next up was a trip to the doctor for her 2-year well-child check up...and shots=no fun! She weighed 26 pounds and 7 ounces and was measured at 33 inches. She had to get a fingerprick to test for anemia (which she doesn't have) and two shots (flu and hepatitis A vaccines).  She didn't even flinch with the finger prick and only cried for a few seconds with her shots. She has always handled pain much better than me! Lila had a great time running around the room at the doctor's, and even the doctor told me how she was glad I had enough energy to keep up with her! She is into everything and is so curious!!
After the doctor, we went out to lunch at Cafe Express (mommy's favorite place, but Lila likes it too!). She had fun chowing down on breadsticks, grilled cheese, fruit, and pickles while watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad...whatever keeps her sitting still! Once we finished with lunch, we went for frozen yogurt at Pinkberry, which is in the same shopping center. Lila got her own coconut flavor with cookies, raspberries, strawberries, and brownie bites in it. I definitely snuck a few bites, and it was tasty! I think it made the shots feel better for Lila.

We got home just in time to open her present from Josh and me, play for a little while, and then take a nap. Once she woke up, it was dinner time. She had yummy pasta, and I gave her a huge chunk of her leftover birthday cake, which she devoured. I could tell that Lila had a great day, and to make it even better, her daddy was the one to get her out of bed the next morning. She is glad to have him home this weekend, even if it is only for a short time! We love you our little 2-year old!

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