Monday, February 13, 2012

Seven Months Old *February 13, 2012*

Another month has come and gone, and Alli is growing up faster than ever! We had a busy month celebrating her sister's second birthday and with her daddy leaving to spend a month in New Orleans. We leave tomorrow to fly on another airplane to Atlanta to visit family and to throw Auntie Rachel a bridal shower at the Swan House. These girls are getting to be quite the frequent flyers! This was also the first month that she was more interested in her hair bow and the sticker on her belly than looking at the camera, although I still managed to get her to smile for me! Happy 7 months sweet Alli!
Here's what you're up to this month:

*you weigh 15.6 pounds and are about 24.5 inches tall...such a little peanut!

*we always get so many comments from people about how happy you are! You are such a happy baby, but you can also be a little mommy's girl and don't like to be left alone for very long.
*you are sleeping awesome now! Bedtime is around 8, although recently you've wanted to go down at 7:30. You wake up for the first time between 6-7:30 and will go back to sleep for another hour/hour and a half after you eat.
*nap times are going well also! You still take a small morning nap around 10:30/11 for about an hour, and you take an afternoon nap at 2pm until around 4 or 5.

*still sleep swaddled from the waist down simply for extra warmth.
*you hate to have socks on your feet and will pull them off any chance you have! You love to suck on them when you get them off, and we find them nice and slobbery.
*you have completely stopped nursing this month. It is really bittersweet! You are way too distracted and would much rather have solid food than milk.
*Speaking of solids, you are pretty much eating everything now. We started you on meats this past month and you HATED them at first. You like them okay now if we mix them in with fruit or veggies to the point that you can't taste it anymore.

*You get solids three times a day, 9am, 12-1pm, and 6pm. You get bottles in between and will take around 3-4 ounces at a time.
*Still rocking the size 2 diapers, 6 month clothes, 3-6 month sleepers, and even some of the fleece 3 month sleepers still fit (I told you that you're a little peanut!).
*You think your sister is the funniest human on the planet, and you laugh at everything that she does. You think that her tossing and hitting a balloon is the greatest! You really love it when she shows you attention...even if it's not so gentle!
*You love to be tickled and are very ticklish under your chin and on your chest.

*You are bathing in the big girl tub now. Sometimes you even get to take a bath with your sister, and you love to chew on the bath letters while watching her play with the animals.
*You love to pick objects up, chew on them, and pass them back and forth between your hands.
*You are starting to want to crawl and roll everywhere that you want to go. You can really get around the playroom! You also started to push yourself backwards, but haven't quite figured out how to push forwards yet. You are starting to rock back and forth on your hands and knees, getting ready to crawl.
*You have started to push yourself up in the downward dog position.  I can tell that you really want to be able to move!
*You've got a great grip and don't like to give up items too easily, especially your spoons at mealtime.
*try to say "mama" and the /m/ consonant sound is definitely your favorite to say. You also say the /b/ sound. Your sister thinks that your noises are so funny and tries to copy you. 
*you are still really enjoying your Mother's Day Out, and your teachers love having you! 
I can't believe that we're over halfway done with your first year! You are such a sweet baby, and we love you very much!

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