Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Years Old *February 3, 2012*

I think this will be my last monthly post, and throughout the next year, I will be switching to quarterly posts for Lila. Babies change so much in the first and second year, but I feel like, even though she will still change from month-to-month, she won't change quite as much. Therefore, it will be easier to consolidate all of these changes into posts every 3 months! I still wanted to keep up with the blog posts though, because it is so much easier for me to write milestones and development in the blog rather than sitting down with the actual baby book (although I'm pretty impressed that I've kept it up as well as I have!), because my computer is always out on our kitchen table or counter
I can't believe that two years have gone by since we first held our 7 pound 9.3 ounce baby girl in our arms. There is something about your first baby, although they are all special (don't get me wrong, Alli!). But, your first child makes you a parent! What a great responsibility the Lord has given me with these two girls, and we are so blessed to be celebrating another year of Lila's life! 
Here's what you're up to:

*you weigh 26 pounds 7 ounces (around 50%) and are 33 inches tall. (25%)

*you did a great job at the doctor today with your finger prick and shots. You didn't cry at all after your finger prick, and you only cried for a second after your shots. We went for lunch at Cafe Express and yogurt at Pinkberry to celebrate afterwards!
*wearing size 5 diapers, showing NO interest whatsoever in potty training, but love to be naked and also to sit on your potty and play...oh goodness! I've decided to give you until this summer and we are going to do potty training bootcamp!
*wearing mostly 24 month/2T clothes and had to put away all of your 18 month sleepers recently. 

*Winnie the Pooh is still your favorite character by far. You jump up and down when he comes on tv. You also love to roll call all of the characters on a bi-hourly basis! (the way you say rabbit is my favorite ("rrrrabie")

*you are still very much attached to your pink bunny, "Abby"
*...knock on've thrown a considerably lower number of fits these past few months...could it be that you are growing out of them???

*still drinking tons of milk ("k") and you still love Chick-Fil-A and call it "yummy yummy." You get so excited when we drive by it (or eat there about 3 times a week!).
*your Grammy was trying to get you to say the /m/ in "milk" so she went "m-m-m-milk" for you to copy, but you said "k-k-k-ck!" I guess you'll learn to say "milk" correctly one day!

*waffles are your favorite breakfast food, you also love to sneak pieces of my bagel with cream cheese and special k bars. For lunch and/or dinner, you love chick-fil-a chicken strips, green beans, doritos, mac and cheese, PIZZA, ravioli, peas, carrots, any kind of fruit (especially blueberries and grapes). 
*your favorite snacks are "nanas" (bananas) and fruit snacks. 

*still only have 16 teeth, we're still waiting on those (and dreading) two year old molars. 

*bedtime hasn't changed: still 8pm and you usually wake up around 8am (sometimes earlier, sometimes later).
*you love mommy's iPad

*naps haven't changed either: still one big nap from 2pm until 4/5pm

*you have started talking (saying real words) so much more this month! You love to say characters names: Eeyore, Daisy, Donald, Rabbit, and Pete are your favorite to say. You also love saying Santa's name and used the cutest inflection when saying it! 
*you are pretty bossy to your sister already and don't like when she plays with your toys. 

*you love animals and call them all by the sounds that they make. Instead of saying the word pig, you say "oink oink", and dogs are "woo woo woo"s, and sheep are "baa baa". You call cows and cats "tow"s. If you don't know the name of a word that you want to say, you say "baba" (not sure why!). 

*you have started to say names of foods more this month too: "pizza", "nana", "snack". You are really good about saying "please" when asking for something. 
*you LOVE to sing and will sing anything and everything that you know. The ABC song is your favorite followed closely by the Winnie the Pooh theme song and any other song in the Winnie the Pooh movie. 

*you LOVE to count and your favorite number is 2!

*you love to jump up and down in your crib while holding onto the rails. 
*you and your sister are becoming closer and closer each month. She thinks that you are so funny (especially when you throw your fits!). You think she is funny too when she chews on her Sophie giraffe and makes her squeak.  You all keep each other entertained, and it is SO precious!!
*you are so sweet and make sure to kiss everyone good night, especially baby sister! 

*you also make sure to tell everyone (and I mean everyone: pooh, tigger, eeyore, rrrabit, Chevy (which she calls "woo woo", and Mickey Mouse (which she calls "cool cool" because she sings the theme song with the words cool in place for the tune---crazy kid!) bye bye when we leave the house. 
*we had your Minnie Mouse birthday party last weekend and you had SO much fun playing with your friends and family in the bouncy house. We all had a great time too!

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