Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ten Months Old *May 13, 2012*

Double-Digit Months!! How did this happen so fast?!? I can't believe that we will be celebrating this little one's FIRST birthday in just two short months!!  She is such a joy to be around and one of the sweetest babies that I have ever seen. How appropriate that her 10-month birthday is on Mother's Day to remind me just how lucky I am to have this precious little one (and her sister Lila too, of course!). 
Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh 17.0 pounds and are about 26.5 inches tall. (although our scale at home seems to weigh higher than the doctor's scale, so these home measurements are a little off).

*You have TWO teeth! Those little suckers took a while to come in, but they are growing fast, and your mouth looks so cute!
*You are now crawling on all fours. You only do your little army crawl every once in a while. You have a cute little monkey walk on all fours also.

*You pull up on EVERYTHING and are cruising around most things that you pull up on. You are getting bold, only holding onto furniture with one hand sometimes!
*You really like to be held, and you hate to be put down most days. However, you still do a pretty good job playing by yourself when you aren't being clingy. You love it when your sister plays with you too!!

*You still love playing with empty water bottles and fruit snack packages. You love the iPad, and you also love this little light up lantern.
*You sleep great still! Bedtime is at 8pm and you usually wake around 7/7:30am. You get a bottle, and if we don't have anywhere to go, you will go back to sleep until around 8/9am. Naptimes are at 10:30-12pm and 2p-4pm.

*You are so good about getting yourself to sleep, and you love to snuggle into the bumper pads.
*Your solid food eating has picked up again. You will eat at least one full jar at each feeding (8am, 1pm, 6pm), but sometimes you eat 1.5 or 2 jars!
*You still don't love the jars that have peaches, peas, or spinach. You do love jars with bananas, sweet potatoes, chicken, or turkey. You hate solid, solid foods. You will spit out anything with a little texture to it, although you didn't seem to mind Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.
*You are getting to where you love your milk (formula) now. You will drink at least four 8-ounce bottles per day.

*You LOVE sippy cups. You haven't figured out how to get anything out of them yet, but you love to hold them and chew on them!
*You're wearing a mixture of size two and size three diapers now.

*You are wearing mainly 9 month or 12 month clothes (although the 12 month clothes are a bit big). You have grown out of your cotton 6 month sleepers, but you still fit into the fleece 6 month sleepers.

*You look up to your sister so much and are starting to fight back when she takes your toys.
*You HATE getting out of your baths. You will pitch the biggest fits when it's time to get out...although you don't do it as much for your daddy.

*You are really ticklish and laugh a lot. You think sneezing is so funny too.
*You say "mama", "dada", "Lila", "hi", "bye", and something that sounds so much like "alli".

*When anyone says "hi" or "bye bye," you automatically start waving.
*You love playing peek-a-boo and you will pull a shirt or towel over your head and play for a long time.

*You went strawberry picking again this month and actually got to pick some yourself. You were moving all over the place and pulling up on the bushes!

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