Monday, May 21, 2012

Swim and Play

As I've said in many posts, the Disibios are moving away soon, so we're trying to get together as much as possible before they go next week. This past Saturday, Josh and I got some chicken to grill while they brought the sides, and we had a great time watching Lila and Elle sliding into the baby pool over and over. They would laugh hysterically when they would slide or when either of them would slip and fall in the pool. It was so funny to watch them, and they kept us entertained all night long! Alli was a little scared to get in the pool with the crazy big girls, so she hung out around the pool and crawled all over the patio, but she seemed to be enjoying herself too.
After dinner, we changed the girls into their pjs, and they went back outside to play with the dry toys. They loved the Dora 4-wheeler and had a good time pushing each other through the grass.
We all had a great time visiting, as always, and will really miss them when they move!

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