Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Strawberry Picking Take Two

On Monday, we met some friends of ours at Froberg's Farm to pick strawberries. This was the second time this season that we've gotten to go to the farm, so the girls were berry-picking pros! The strawberries were a little small this trip, but the girls still managed to pick half a bucket full.  They really just have the most fun walking up and down the rows and playing in the dirt, so I was glad that we managed to come home with at least a few berries!
Alli having fun
Lila working hard picking berries
On this trip, Alli was all over the place! My what a difference a couple months make at this age (the post about our trip in March is here)! She was pulling up on all of the bushes, monkey walking in the dirt, and she even managed to pick a berry off of the vine. The girls were working together at one point, and it was so cute to watch!
The girls working hard together to fill up the bucket
Lila and her friend, Elle, had a great time together, as usual. We are trying to get together with the Disibios as much as we can before they move to Dallas in May :(  It was another great day at Froberg's!
Elle and Lila, such cute friends!

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