Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Children's Museum with the Disibios

Last Friday, we met up with our friends, the Disibios, at the Children's Museum of Houston. They had never been before, and they wanted to go before they move in a few weeks. Lila always has such a fun time at the museum, and she was excited to show her friend, Elle around the place. The girls had a blast in the grocery store, and Lila didn't want to part with her basket of fruit, so she walked with it around the rest of the museum. They also had a good time in the police car, ambulance, and Vet office before we made our way upstairs to the Tot Spot. Even Alli got to enjoy the Vet office as we put her in the animal cage (don't worry, she liked it, and she wasn't harmed in the process!) and on the animal scale. She's such a good sport!
The girls really loved the Tot Spot. Alli had a great time in the ball pit, and Lila and Elle had fun on the slide, in the car, and playing with the different lights, blocks, and toys. After the Tot Spot, we made our way to the science stations. Lila had so much fun watching the lady blow bubbles. She is obsessed with bubbles. She and Elle really enjoyed playing with the ball catapult also, the dads helped out and were a bit fascinated also!
After a while, we were all starving, so we made our way over to Empire Cafe in the Montrose area. It was a gorgeous night, and we had a great time eating and visiting with each other on the patio of the restaurant. I just love that area downtown, and I wish that we could get there more often! It was such a great afternoon and evening, and we will be so sad in a few weeks when they move!

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