Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Park Day

Last Friday, we had some free time and met up with our friends, the Braseltons at the park for some playtime. Lila and Karsyn had a great time climbing, moving mulch, swinging, and laughing together. Alli and Chandler had a fun time looking at each other, climbing on each other, and eyeing each other's hair bows.
the little girls having fun together
playing together
When we were taking pictures of the little girls (Alli and Chandler), the big girls (Lila and Karsyn) saw that pictures were being taken and came running from the slide to sit in picture-pose formation. It was hilarious and unexpected, but it made Ashley and me so proud that we've trained our girls so well for picture time!
picture time!
hugs goodbye
The weather has been so nice, and we are spending as much time outside as possible before it starts to get unbearably hot!

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