Monday, December 3, 2012

League City Christmas Parade

Last Saturday, our friends invited us to a party at their funeral home (the family business, cool huh?) to watch the League City Christmas parade.  The home is right on main street and is at the start of the parade, so it was a perfect place to set up shop to watch it.  Tarah was such a great hostess, and she had the most delicious food, great drinks, and a bounce house to keep the kiddos entertained before the parade started.
Even though Josh couldn't be there because he was hunting in Marshall, I had such a great time visiting with our friends. Lila had a blast with her friends too, and Alli didn't want to leave Keith's side (my tennis friend's husband).
all of the kiddos lined up on the street
Lila with her new beads
Kellie and me
Once the parade started, the girls had even more fun. Kellie taught Lila how to beg and dive for candy, and she definitely created a monster. Lila was so into catching (and eating) as much candy as she could. Alli had a blast sitting in everyone's lap and being held by Keith. He tried to hand her back to me at one point, but she cried and reached back for him so he felt bad and took her back haha. We had such a great time, and I can't wait to do it again next year. I'm so thankful for great friends here in Texas!
begging for candy from the elf
Kellie and Alli
sweet Anna
Alli enjoying the parade
proud of herself for getting candy and a flag
the girls enjoying their candy

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