Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mickey Live!

Last Sunday, Josh, my sister, my mom, and I took the girls to see Mickey Live! at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. It was pouring down rain all day, so it was nice to do something fun inside, and the girls had a great time. Lila loved seeing all of the Mickey's Clubhouse characters, and Alli was so happy to see Mickey and Minnie. Alli would get really excited whenever Mickey or Minnie would come on the stage that she would point and clap and say "Hi ninnie!"
Lila being a buzzard
Lila enjoyed the Disney songs, but I think Alli had the most fun dancing and watching the show.  They are going to LOVE Disney world in a few months!! When we left, it was pouring down rain even harder, so we had to bundle up in our rain jackets. Alli looked so cute with just her little face poking our of her jacket :). She also crashed the second we put her in the car, and the weather was making us all want to do the same!
Lila playing with her "treasure" from the show
Aunt Bow and cute little puffball, Alli
so tired after the show

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