Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let there be Light

So, about a week after our tree was up, the lights were finally added. A couple days after that, the ornaments were added, it's been quite the process.
Josh let the girls try an untangle the lights before putting them on the tree, and they had the best time digging through the pile of brightly lit lights. Now that they are on the tree, they are even more mesmerized with them.
Our little Elf came to visit from the North Pole the other day as well. Lila named him "Buddy" (I guess we've watched Elf one too many times!), and he lives in the tree. He doesn't move around like other elves, because he is happy chillin' in the tree. Lila talks to him all the time and even shows him the potty when she goes. She makes sure to say "bye" to him whenever we leave the house also. I just love experiencing the holiday season through the eyes of children!

1 comment:

  1. Our tree only has lights on the top half... someday we'll finish it ;)



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