Friday, December 21, 2012

Seventeen Months Old *December 13, 2012*

I'm over a week late on this post, but better late than never! My sweet baby is almost a year and a half, and she becomes sweeter and sweeter every day. She has been loving her new class at school and is making so many new friends. Once she walks in the door of the building, she takes off running for her classroom. She and Lila are becoming the best of friends (and sometimes the worst enemies), and they love playing with each other. It has been a fun month with Alli!
Here's what you're up to this month:

*You weigh around 19 pounds and are about 29 inches tall, a good two inches shorter than your sister was at this age. (I really need to get a scale...this weight is a guess again)
*You still have 12 teeth.

*You love waving hi and saying "Hi" or "Hello" to everyone and anyone that will listen. You also love saying "bye bye" or "Bye" (which sounds like "dye" since she can't say her b's very well).
*You still love Chevy and call him "dog." You love when he comes in your room to get you up in the mornings.

*Your vocabulary keeps expanding. Your words are: duck, cow, tree, please, waffle, milk, dog, Lila, mama, dada, mommy, hi, hello, shoes, wow, uh huh, yes, Ye-Ye and Mamu (for your grandmamas) and outside.

*Your favorite phrase these days is "That's mine." Definitely getting closer to two years old!
*You can repeat most one-syllable words that we ask you to say.

*You still call your milk "ma" and you drink a TON everyday. You will steal Lila's cup too if yours is too far away from you at the moment.
*You still love pretending to talk on the phone. You also love to pretend to take pictures with your plastic camera.

*You still love your paci's...*sigh*.
*You love to walk around in circles all over the house. You also love to ride on little push toys around the house. You also love to pull around your mini suitcase to pretend you are going on a trip.

*You are still such a monkey and love to climb on everything! You even got your first fat lip this past month because you were climbing on a little plastic chair outside and fell on the concrete.
*Taking one big nap per day from 2-4. You sleep for a max of 2 hours and rarely ever longer than that.

*You love to wake up early, and most days you are up at 7am. The past week, you have slept until 7:30, but that is more rare. Bedtime is between 7:45 and 8pm.

*You love the Christmas tree and pulling the ornaments off the tree. We have to keep it behind a gate or we would have no ornaments left.
*Your eating habits are so random these days. You will eat the baby food pouches sometimes, but you love anything in the form of a cracker or bread. You love sweets, waffles, peanut butter sandwiches, and grapes. You will eat Gerber ravioli as well as the pinwheel pasta meals. You LOVE any kind of berries too!

*Still wearing size 3 diapers, 9-12 month clothes, 12 month sleepers (some 9 month sleepers are finally getting too snug).

*You had a great Thanksgiving, and you had fun playing with Chandler at the aquarium after lunch.

*You were scared of Santa and screamed both times that we saw him this month :(

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