Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa comes to Marbella

One of our neighbors made a HUGE red sparkly sleigh and invited Santa to come visit for some pictures and holiday cheer. The sleigh was so pretty, and Lila had a fun time sitting in it while visiting with Santa. The whole family got to get a picture with Santa in the sleigh, so Alli got to see Santa within a safe distance this time (she's not too fond of the bearded guy). I wish I would have been more prepared to be in a Christmas-y picture, but my hot pink jacket will have to do.
The best part about our Santa visit for Lila was running into her preschool teacher, Ms. Toni. It was such a fun surprise, and Lila was SO excited to see her outside of school. I love our neighborhood and the area where we live so much!
Walking up to Santa together
So excited to see Ms. Toni (sorry for the super flash face)

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