Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Party with Abigail and Emma

Lila and Alli's neighborhood friends, Abigail and Emma had an Easter Party at their grandparents house in a neighborhood down the street yesterday afternoon. Neither one of the girls had a nap before we went, and we had a busy morning hunting eggs, but they were surprisingly well-behaved at the party despite being exhausted. Everything was so perfect, the food was so delicious, the crafts were so cute, and the games were so much fun. Lila loved playing with Abigail, and it seemed like Alli and Emma enjoyed playing together too! They are only a couple weeks apart, but Emma has a whole head full of the most beautiful dark brown hair.  Even though Josh wasn't with us until today, it has been a great Easter weekend!
The girls playing together and working on some crafts
bunny toss game and the craft table
working on their crafts
Egg Hunt time!
Alli loving on Mickey at the party

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