Friday, April 13, 2012

Nine Months Old *April 13, 2012*

We have spent your 9-month old birthday by showing you around your future school (Auburn University) and playing outside of your future sorority house (alpha gam). We are here for your Auntie Rachel's wedding, and she is so excited to see you in her big day! I can't believe that you have officially been in this world as long as you were growing inside. I've begun planning your first birthday party, which is a You Are My Sunshine theme. We have had such a great time watching you grow, learn, and become increasingly more mobile and talkative each day! 
Your daddy enjoyed playing with you and making you laugh during your photo shoot this month! You are getting harder and harder to photograph. We had to be quick because you wanted to crawl away when we'd set you down!

Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh 15.4 pounds and are about 26.25 inches tall.
*You still have an army crawl and are really fast! You crawl all over the house, especially wherever we are or where your sister is.

*You have gotten a little clingy this past month, and don't like to be put down. You are better playing by yourself if your sister is somewhere in the room with you.
*You are starting to pull up on everything. We moved the crib mattress down because you love to pull up in your bed.

*Your favorite toys are empty water bottles, empty fruit snack wrappers, and a little plastic Minnie Mouse balloon.
*Still sleeping really well! Bedtime is between 7:30-8pm and you will wake up anytime between 7-8am. Naptimes are from 10:30-noon and from 2-4 or 5pm.
*You will play with the toys in your crib a while before you fall asleep, and you do a great job at getting yourself to sleep.
*Still NO teeth. I love your gummy grin, but I don't love the gallons of drool that come out of that cute mouth. I can feel one big bump on your bottom left gum, so hopefully that tooth will pop through soon!
*Where you used to be such a good solid food eater, you are now getting much more picky. You don't love things with peaches in them and you aren't that fond of green vegetables anymore...sigh! Some meals you eat two baby food jars and some you barely get through one.
*You are doing a little bit better with your bottles this month. You drink about 24 ounces a day (which is what's recommended). You just like to do the bare minimum when it comes to eating, I wish I could do that!
*Still wearing size 2 diapers. When we run out, we are moving you to size 3s.

*Still wearing mostly 6 month or 6-9 month clothing. I've been putting you into a few 12 month bubbles and dresses. The bubbles fit nicely, but the dresses are pretty big on you. The 9 month sleepers are still way too long for you, but you still can wear them.
*You and Lila really enjoy playing together, especially in each other's cribs. You have the best time when your sister plays with you, and she thinks that you are so funny!

*You are still really ticklish and have the most contagious laugh.
*You definitely say "mama" and "dada" to the right person, or to get someone to come get you. You also say something that sounds SO MUCH like "Lila". Your great grandmama heard it too!

*You learned how to wave hello this month. You were like Miss America waving at everyone at the airport the other day.
*You celebrated your first Easter this month (on April 8th) and also had your very first school picture made on April 5th.
Here are some pictures from your doctor's appointment: 

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  1. Hello I came across your blog while searching for my sisters blog and she also has two little girls around your girls ages but I think you two our wonderful parents and it looks like you have very happy children and they are adorable! I had one question for you guys... In the future do you guys plan on having more kids? If so how many? What would you name them?

    For example if you choose you would like to have 2 more in the future then you would give 2 boy names and 2 girl names :)

    Have a great day!



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