Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lila's First Batting Lesson

The last night that we were at my parent's house, my dad took Lila down to the batting cage (yes, there is a batting cage in their house, mainly because my brother played in high school and my dad still coaches baseball and softball) for some batting practice.  Dad was helping her hit off of the tee, and she was doing a really great job! She wanted to do it by herself after a few swings, so Dad backed off a bit and let her hit the balls on her own. She wanted to use the butt of the bat to hit the ball, but had surprisingly okay form and made contact every time. She also found some batting helmets, which she thought was funny to wear backwards.  I think it made my Dad's week to finally be able to play baseball with his granddaughter, and Lila had the most fun hitting the ball. She is a natural-born athlete for sure! It's definitely going to be hard to keep her out of the batting cage from now on!
silly girl, putting on the helmet backwards
trying out the catchers helmet

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