Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rachel's Wedding Weekend: Wedding Day!

It could NOT have been a more beautiful day on the plains for Rachel's Wedding Day, April 14, 2012. We started our day bright and early at 8am in the Bridal suite at the hotel.  There were two girls from the salon to do everyone's hair, and we all had a fun time chit chatting and dancing while we waiting for our turn. I had the pleasure of applying false lashes on the girls, and everyone's make-up looked so great! 
 Rachel's hair and make-up looked so gorgeous, and I loved her blinged-out shoes and hair piece. Her dress was so gorgeous and very "Rachel"! She was one of the happiest brides that I've ever seen!
 Once everyone was finished getting ready, we made our way over to the church in our stretch limo provided by Rachel's parents. When we got to the church, we made a few pictures, and then hung out while we waited for the ceremony to start. My dad brought by some drinks and Mama Goldberg's sandwiches which hit the spot. I love Mama G's Mama's Love sandwiches! It was so funny watching Rachel eat her sandwich while covered with a plastic tarp.
The ceremony began at 4pm, and it was a truly beautiful service. Steven looked so happy and got very teary eyed when he first saw Rachel, which made all of us get teary-eyed also! Straight after the ceremony, we headed outside to take pictures with the entire wedding party. The weather was SO nice, and it was so great to be outside. We took pictures in front of the church first, and then we were shuttled over to Samford Hall to take pictures there also. Since Rachel and Steven met at Auburn, it was only fitting that pictures were made right in the heart of the University!
After pictures, we were shuttled back to the Marriott for the reception. I got to see my girls for a few minutes before we were called to the dance floor, and the girls were sent upstairs to go to bed. Josh and I had such a great time dancing, and I loved seeing all of my sorority sisters and catching up. It was such a busy, but fun wedding weekend! Love you Rachel and Steven!!
photo courtesy of Eternal Reflections Photography

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