Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

My actual birthday isn't until Tuesday (the 24th), but since Josh will be gone all this week, we celebrated this past weekend. We started it off by leaving the girls with a babysitter and heading to lunch downtown at Houston's.  It was so good, and I forgot just how delicious their spinach dip is! After lunch, we walked around the Galleria and spent some of the gift cards that I've gotten for Christmas and my birthday last year. I bought the cutest pink Valentino wedges and some really pretty dresses to wear to Kimberly's showers and Alli's birthday party this Summer.
After the girls' took their naps on Saturday, we ordered pizza and had some mimosas while we ate dinner outside on the patio.  Lila ate an entire apple by herself in between playing. It is always so much fun to watch the girls outside. Lila runs around and plays with everything (even the brooms), and Alli was trying to climb up the slide and made me really nervous by pulling up on everything that she could reach!
Today, we went to church at University Baptist Church, and I just loved the message of the sermon today. I don't usually like when preachers preach about money, but this pastor turned it into a sermon on generosity, which we all could practice more of. I'm going to make another blog post about the message, because I believe that it's an important one! After church, we went to lunch at Firehouse Subs where we sat outside to enjoy this beautiful weather that we've been having here in Houston. Lila actually ate most of her sandwich, and Alli slept the whole time...the church nursery really wore her out! We are making steaks for dinner, and I have really enjoyed my birthday weekend so far! I'm so thankful for good friends to be spending my actual birthday with this week!
Josh brought home some pink carnations and a sweet card for my birthday Sunday evening. We never spend much for birthdays (if anything),  because all I ever want is a sweet card. But, it's always nice to get even a little something to brighten up the house, and carnations are inexpensive and last forever! I wish Josh was here for my birthday, but I'm looking forward to dinner with a sweet friend!

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