Monday, April 16, 2012

The Girls' First Trip to Auburn

I had the wonderful privilege of introducing the girls to the happiest place on Earth (no, not Disney World), Auburn, Alabama!  My best friend, Rachel got married this past weekend in Auburn, and I was so excited to show the girls around town the morning before the bridesmaid's luncheon. They had such a fun time posing by the Auburn University sign, and Lila really enjoyed running around Samford Lawn. It was so exciting to see my precious girls loving life in one of the places that I hold so dear to my heart! I had so many great memories at Auburn, and I hope that they will too (...well, I just pray that they choose to go to school at Auburn in 16/17 years!).

Not only did I show the girls around downtown and the beautiful Samford Hall, they also got to see their future sorority house (...technically they are dorms, but look more like houses on the inside).  Of course, I have no control over which sorority they choose either, but a little brainwashing couldn't hurt :)
My mom and sister were Thetas (Kappa Alpha Theta) at the University of Georgia, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that Alpha Gam and Theta are right next to each other in the sorority Village at Auburn. My mom was happy to pose under her letters with Lila, although I'm hoping she won't be a Theta, unless she goes to Georgia (which I'm also hoping won't happen!!).

Josh was such a trooper with all of the morning pictures, and I'm sure it was hurting his heart just a tad to  be partaking in the Auburn traditions with his daughters, being a former Bama student and all!  There are so many SEC influences in our family, but I just hope the girls make the right choice when that time comes :) !!

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