Friday, April 20, 2012

Kimberly's First Wedding Shower

On Sunday, April 15, Kimberly's sweet girlfriends threw her a bridal shower at one of the hostess' mom's house.  It was so beautiful, and the girls really made a huge effort to make sure that everyone had full drinks and were having a good time. The food was delicious, and the flowers and candles were beautiful. The mimosas looked delicious, but I refrained after the busy wedding weekend that we had!
Her friends are and always have been so sweet to her. They came up with a fun game to play at the shower where everyone wrote their favorite memory of Kimberly down on a sheet of printed paper. They read each memory out loud and Kimberly had to guess which person the memory belonged to. It was such a creative game, and it was so much fun to hear the memories and figure out to whom they belonged. Afterwards, Michelle put each memory in a scrapbook and attached a picture of the person who wrote the memory for Kimberly to have as a keepsake. We all teared up re-reading the memories later that night at my parent's house.
Grandmama working hard on her memory
The adorable cards for people to write their memories
Basket of memories and the scrapbook in the back
Paige reading out a memory
Michelle showing my mom the scrapbook of memories
Kimberly registered for some beautiful things, and her friends and family were so generous! She came home with a ton of great things that she will get so much use out of (especially that Junior League of Galveston County Cookbook!!!!) :)
We had a great time celebrating Kimberly at her first bridal shower, and I can't wait for the rest of the wedding festivities! It's going to be a GREAT Summer and Fall!

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