Saturday, June 30, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Photographing your kids

I love the website! It has great tutorials on how to take better pictures. This past month they devised a 30 Day Challenge to practice photographing your children, which is right up my alley! I was excited to get started on this project, and I quickly found how difficult some of the days were to capture. I tried to play with different lighting and angles, and even discovered how to use my Photoshop Elements a little better too!

June 1 (you and your child)
self-portrait at breakfast

June 2 (sleeping)

June 3 (reading their favorite book)
June 4 (running around playing)
June 5 (with their favorite stuffed animal/toy)
June 6 (crack the door and photograph what they are doing)
June 7 (playing in the bathtub)
June 8 (silhouette shot)
June 9 (crying or having a meltdown)
June 10 (holding hands with someone)
June 11 (tiny feet)
June 12 (eating breakfast)
June 13 (shoot from above them)
June 14 (what they do during quiet time)
June 15 (playing outside)
June 16 (interacting with siblings/friends)
June 17 (walking away)
June 18 (getting dressed)
June 19 (looking out a window)
June 20 (laughing)
June 21 (hugging a loved one)
June 22 (tiny hands at work)
June 23 (brushing teeth)
June 24 (sneak around a corner and capture them not paying attention)
June 25 (in low lighting)
June 26 (telling you a story)
June 27 (with a prop)
"say cheese, mommy"
June 28 (helping you with a task)
June 29 (playing in a sprinkler/pool)
June 30 (you and your child)

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  1. Pretty pictures KariBeth- neat challege- maybe I"ll do it a little late:-)



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