Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday Funday

Last Sunday was the best Sunday that we've had in a long time! We started it off by having my friend, Rosie, take some pictures of our family (but mainly Alli) for Alli's first birthday party next month. She was so cute with her different props, and she even got her first taste of icing. After pictures, we went home to change for church and to wash the icing off of Alli. Church was lovely, and afterwards, we filled up the baby pool and spent the rest of the afternoon up until naptime playing outside in the gorgeous weather! These girls love being outside, and even Alli enjoyed the pool today (she usually doesn't do well with water that isn't super warm!).  While the girls napped, Josh and I went back outside to listen to music and relax by the (baby) pool. We're really getting into the spirit of Summer over here and enjoying every minute of our mosquito-free backyard (thanks to Mosquito Nix!).
lounging in the baby pool
chowing down on some Chick Fil A sauce and a little chicken
sweet girls playing together
slide time!
Alli and Josh
Lila being silly in the pool

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