Monday, June 11, 2012

Nikki's Shower 6*9*12

My friend, Ashley threw Nikki a beautiful shower for her new baby boy, Denny, on Saturday.  Nikki already has a little girl, so we were able to shower her this past weekend with many things for a baby boy. Ashley did a fantastic job with all of the decorations, games, and cake (which was a cute little sleepy owl). There were also tons of dips that another one of Nikki's friends homemade for the party, which were yummy! I had such a great time catching up and laughing with Ashley's mom, who, in my opinion, I don't get to see often enough :) ! Nikki looks great, and I can't wait to meet her new baby boy in a few more weeks!
food and drinks
name game
Nikki and her hostesses

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