Sunday, June 24, 2012

Emma's First Birthday Party

This afternoon, we went to Alli's friend, Emma's first birthday party. Emma's mom, Jennifer and I met last summer when our oldest girls were in the same gymnastics class. We then met again at a Junior League event where we realized that we lived in the same neighborhood. Lila loves playing with her daughter, Abigail, and Alli and Emma have fun smiling at each other. Emma is walking all over the place now, and she has the most beautiful dark brown hair that I've ever seen! It's hard to believe that she and Alli are only a couple weeks apart because Emma has always had so much hair.
It was an ice cream theme, and Jennifer did such a great job with all of the decorations and food. I wish I had brought my big camera, but I took some decent ones with my iPhone.
Ice Cream bar
Birthday girl hat
cute centerpieces
Birthday Girl!
Lila and Abigail
bouncy house

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