Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Pool Day of the Summer

ready for the pool!
We spent last Saturday morning with some friends at our neighborhood pool. The first swim of the season is always exciting, and this time it gave us a chance to see just how much Lila has grown up since last year. Last summer, Lila's favorite thing to do was walk straight in the pool and go until she couldn't walk anymore (i.e. until the water was well above her head). It was so exhausting to try and keep her in the shallow end.
girls hanging out in the pool together
This year, she was so good and well-behaved. She loved her swimmies and had the best time splashing and swimming around by herself. She still loved jumping off of the side into Josh's arms, just like last year. Josh even let her go for a few seconds in the deep end, and she did a great job swimming by herself (even though she was a little freaked out to be out of Josh's arms).
Lila splishing and splashing
Alli had a great time sitting, crawling, and splashing in the water. She also had fun getting thrown up in the air and splashing down into the water. I love that both girls love the water, and I hope that we get to enjoy our nice neighborhood pool many more times this Summer!
jumping into the pool
daddy and Alli
My girls and me

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