Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eleven Months Old *June 13, 2012*

I can't believe this is the last monthly post before my baby girl is ONE! This was by far the fastest and busiest year of my life so far, but also my best! Having these two girls and watching them grow closer every day is such a blessing. I'm so glad that they are so close in age, even if it made us a little more busy (and crazy in the first few weeks!). I can't wait to celebrate this little one's first birthday next month in Atlanta with our family and friends!! 
Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh 17.2 pounds and are just under 27 inches tall.

*You have THREE teeth! You are working on that top left tooth that is taking forever to come in.
*You learned how to CLAP this past week! You still love to WAVE at everyone and everything. You will say "bye bye" when you wave sometimes.

*Still doing a mixture of a monkey walk and crawling on all fours. You have stood up by yourself for several seconds, until you realize that you are standing and then you sit down. I think it freaks you out a little to be standing alone.
*You pull up and cruise on everything! We can't let you play in footie pajamas because you slip on the feet when you try to climb and cruise.

*You're still our cuddle bunny and prefer to be held over anything else. However, you have wanted to get down and cruise around a little more lately than ever before.
*You are in LOVE with your sister and call for her from your bed sometimes. Lila loves you just as much, and you both have a great time playing with each other already.
*You have started mimicking what she says, such as saying "No, Lila" after Lila says it to her. Anytime Lila says "NO!", Alli has to scream "NO!". It's pretty funny...when Lila isn't being too ugly. You also said something that sounded JUST like "bye bye Lila" when you were going to bed last night. It was so cute!
*You're favorite toys are the remote control, my iPhone (although I don't let you play with it), iPad, empty water bottles, a snack cup, sippy cups, a bouncing Fisher Price dinosaur, and board books (to chew on).
*Sleep schedule hasn't changed: Naps at 10:30 and 2, Bedtime from 8-7ish and then again from 7-8ish after your morning bottle.
*Your favorite place to sleep is still nestled in the corner of your crib in the bumper pads.

*Your eating differs from day to day. Some days you will eat 2 jars for every feeding, but lately you've been satisfied with just one jar at each feeding. You still don't love solid solids, but you do love Cheerios. Your favorite thing is to eat them out of the no-spill snack cups. Your good with yogurt melts too.
*Still drinking formula, and even though I started mixing whole milk with Lila at this age, I'm going to stick to formula with you for a while since your iron count was borderline low at your 9-month check up.
*Wearing size 3 diapers now. You're also wearing a mixture of 6-12, 6-9, and 12 month clothes depending on the brand. Most of your 12-month smocked dresses are still too big, so you're still wearing some 6 and 9 month smocked dresses and bubbles. The 9-month cotton sleepers are still too long for you, haha, teeny little thing!
*You're starting to fight back (a little) when your sister takes your toys. You give up pretty easily and find another toy to play with though. You're much more easy-going than she is!

*You think sneezing is so funny, especially when you are the one sneezing!
*You LOVE playing peek-a-boo, and you will play any chance you get!

*You've already gone swimming several times, and although you didn't love it at first, you are getting more used to the water! You really didn't enjoy the sand at the Galveston Beach, but hopefully you will get used to that too!


  1. Oh my word she is so darling :)

  2. She is just precious! I can't get over how much she looks like J! And how is it possible her birthday is next month??



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