Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Just as a father has compassion 

on his children, 
So the Lord has compassion 
on those who fear Him. 

I'm so sad that we couldn't be with Josh on Father's Day this year. He is such an amazing father to our girls! He is also the only man I know that understands that a girl's outfit isn't complete without a matching bow, and he even tries to "match" his own clothes with them on a daily basis. He loves them SO much, and they are definitely wrapped around his finger! Thank you for being such a selfless, loving father, Josh! Happy Father's Day!

"I guide you 

in the way of wisdom 
and lead you along straight paths. 
When you walk, 
your steps will not be hampered; 
when you run, 
you will not stumble. 
Hold on to instruction, 
do not let it go; 
guard it well, 
for it is your life." 

Thank you also to our Heavenly Father for providing us with strength, courage, love, guidance, and most importantly, grace.



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