Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pool Day with the Baby Brigade

Whenever I visit Atlanta, I always try to meet up with my friend, Kelly, and her little boy, Carter, who is Lila's age. They love playing together, and I love catching up with Kelly and her playgroup friends. They have a big playgroup called the Baby Brigade that I try to meet up with when I am in town visiting my parents. Everyone is so nice, and Lila has such a great time playing with all of the kiddos.
This past visit, they were meeting at Sheri's neighborhood pool, which is awesome! This pool has a HUGE 1 foot area complete with splash areas and a giant slide. I left Alli with my mom so that I could just focus on Lila, and it was so much fun to spend the morning with just my oldest baby! I got to meet even more of the Baby Brigade that I haven't met before and had so much fun talking with them. Lila did a great job swimming with her puddle jumper in the deep end, and didn't even want me to hold onto her. She got around the pool great on her own kicking and pulling with her arms. She also did what she loves to do best at the pool, eat lots and lots of snacks (as you can see from the pretzels that didn't leave her hands very much!). We had such a fun morning at the pool!


  1. It was nice meeting you! Hope to see ya'll again sometime soon!

  2. I am so glad you guys could come!! What a fun day :) We're looking forward to next month too!!!



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