Friday, July 13, 2012

Alli's First Year

I really can't believe it has already been ONE YEAR since we welcomed our second precious baby girl into this world. Alli is such a blessing to our family, and she is one of the sweetest, most gentle babies I've ever seen. Alli has grown and changed so much in her first year! That big grin has seemed to stay a constant throughout the months though. Here's a look at how much she's grown from that first photo session.
July 2011-3 days old
August 2011-One Month Old
September 2011-Two Months Old
October 2011-Three Months Old
November 2011-Four Months Old
December 2011-Five Months Old
January 2012-Six Months Old
February 2012-Seven Months Old
March 2012-Eight Months Old
April 2012-Nine Months Old
May 2012-Ten Months Old
June 2012-Eleven Months Old

July 2012-Twelve Months Old
Alli's a bit bigger in her car seat now!
These girls love each other so much!

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