Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moody Gardens Palm Beach

Josh has most of the month of July off of work before he starts his new job in Houston, so we decided to take the girls to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens for the morning. Last year, Lila loved everything about Palm Beach, so we figured this year she would love it even more. We were pretty wrong about that, and Lila was absolutely terrified of the slide and the wave pool, and she hated all of the water that splashed in her face on the lazy river. She ran a fever a couple of hours after we got home, so we hope that was her problem and not that she developed a weird fear of these things all of a sudden!
We spent most of our time in the lazy river and the lagoon leading into the lazy river, because those were the only places where Lila was happy. Alli loved the lazy river and would almost fall asleep on my shoulder every time we went around (guess that's why they call it the lazy river!). When we weren't in the lazy river, we were sitting under our umbrella with the girls. They were both in cuddle-mode (which should have been our first indication that Lila wasn't feeling that great), and it was so relaxing just sitting in the shade.
I want to go back again before the summer is over, and I hope that Lila is a little more into the attractions next time!

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