Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gentry Family Mini-Reunion

We got into Atlanta last Wednesday, and Josh's brother, Cody also got into town that same day. Cody and Josh haven't seen each other since Christmas of 2010, so they were well overdue for a visit. Since I had some wedding things to do with my sister on Thursday, Josh took the girls out to his parent's house in Monroe to meet up with his sister and her kids, his brother, his aunt, and his grandparents.

I know that Josh's parents especially had a great day, because they haven't had all their kids (and grandkids) altogether in one place in over a year and a half.  Josh's mom took tons of pictures, and I've borrowed some of them for this post. I know that the girls had a great time playing with their aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, and great grandparents!

(pictures taken from Josh's mom's facebook :)!)
Lila doing a little cooking at Mamu and Big Pop's house
Josh and with his kids and siblings
Mamu and Alli
Mamu and the Gentry girls
The whole family
Uncle Cody taking Lila for a walk
Cody and Alli
cousin time
Josh and his brother catching up
Lila playing with her new fishing rod
Big Pop and Alli
Alli sneaking some time in the kitchen without Lila
Great Papa and Alli, Big Pop and Caroline
Lila catching some fish in the hot tub

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