Monday, July 16, 2012

Twelve Months Old *July 13, 2012*

Our baby girl is ONE year old! I can't even believe that she's been with us one whole year, and I'm not sure what we would do without her (or Lila of course!). I'm glad that this was our last monthly photo shoot, because she was SO wiggly and squirmy! She would take off the second that we would put her down, so it was nearly impossible to get a still picture of her. She looks more and more like her daddy every day, and she's the sweetest little human that I've ever known! Happy first birthday to our baby Allison Neal!
Here's what you're up to this month:

*You weigh right at 17 pounds and are just under 28 inches tall. You just got over a nasty stomach bug, so you've lost almost a whole pound :(. 
*You have FOUR teeth and are working hard on two more top teeth. They are really bothering you, and you've run fever for a couple of days because of them too.
*You wave when we say "bye bye" or "hi". Most of the time you will say "bye" also.
*You love to clap and will do it when we say "yay."
**You took your FIRST STEPS this month, but you are still not very close to walking. You are very content just getting carried everywhere.  You will stand by yourself for a few seconds, but get really scared when you realize that you're standing. You crawl like a pro and monkey walk when you don't want to crawl.
*You love to climb on your and Lila's Pottery Barn chairs. You also will flop in and out of the baby pool like a little seal baby.
*You're still a little cuddle bunny! When you were sick, all you wanted to do was curl up with mommy or daddy on the couch or in our bed. It's so sweet when you lay your little head on our shoulders or chest.
*You and Lila become closer every day. Lila has to run to your room first thing after she wakes up to see you and you just giggle with each other for a while. You also love to make each other laugh in the car by making silly noises.
*Your favorite toys are still the remote control, iPhone, empty water bottles, anything that makes noise when shaken, your paci, books, play utensils to chew on, and riding toys.
*Sleep schedule still the same: bedtime between 7:30 and 8pm, wake between 7 and 8 am. Naps at 10am ish and 2pm for 2-3 hours.
*You love to hold up the number one with your fingers. Sometimes it looks like an 'L', which your daddy says is for 'love' (he's so cheesy sometimes:)!).
*Your favorite place to sleep in your crib is still nestled into the very corner of the bumper pads. We took your pads out to be cleaned recently due to your stomach bug, but you haven't seem to have minded sleeping without them. I was worried that you would, since you love to snuggle into them so much!
*Your eating is still pretty random these days. Some meals you will eat two baby jars, but other days and meals you only want one. Recently, with you stomach bug, you've only eaten a half a jar per day. Your favorite foods are still all of the fruits (but not ones with cinnamon) and the meats mixed with fruit or veggies.
*You LOVE puffs, and you enjoy yogurt melts too. These are pretty much the only solid solids that you will eat. We tried to give you bananas, blueberries, biscuit, bread, cinnamon rolls, and mashed potatoes, but you cry and spit them out the second they touch your mouth.
*You still drink about 24 ounces of formula per day. You will drink formula out of a Nuby sippy once per day, but you are mainly still using a bottle (pretty much just due to the mess that the Nuby sippy cups make!). We will still give you formula until you are 13 or 14 months old so that you get enough iron.
*You are definitely starting to fight back a little more when Lila has something that you want or when she takes something away from you. You are getting to where you can hold your own a little better, and I can just imagine that you all will bicker and fight a lot over things when you're both a little older. 
*You are still wearing size 3 diapers (which are still a tiny bit big on you). You are wearing mainly 9-12 month clothes, but some 12 month dresses are still way too big for you! You are such a tiny little thing! Your sleepers are all 9 months. 
*You still thinking sneezing is hilarious. You crack up when someone sneezes in front of you!
*You still love playing peek-a-boo, and you love pretending to take pictures with your Minnie Mouse camera.
*We are in Atlanta for your first birthday, and had such a great time celebrating with friends and family at your Grammy and Granddaddy's house yesterday! We took your 12 month pictures in Atlanta on our actual birthday, and I can't wait to see them. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, little Alli Boo!

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