Monday, July 30, 2012

Lila goes to the Circus

On Sunday, July 22nd, we met our friends, the Feltermans, at the circus in Houston. Neither myself nor Josh or Lila had ever been to the circus before (not that we could remember, at least), so we were really excited to go, especially to see Lila's reaction to everything. Lila absolutely loved it and was so enthralled in all of the attractions, even from the beginning. I don't think that she stopped moving for the entire two hour show!
Before the show began, we were able to go onto the circus floor to see Asia the Elephant, performing clowns, and some acrobats. Lila was so worried about the acrobats' safety and kept shouting "be careful" and "get down!". She and Cecilia both were wide-eyed the entire time, and really took it all in.
Once the show started, Lila danced her little heart out! She screamed, clapped, sang, and danced the entire show. It was so much fun just watching Lila, but the show was pretty neat too. I really want to take her back again before the circus leaves town, but I'm sure we'll just wait until next year. We bought the kids a circus coloring book as a souvenir, and Lila is obsessed.  We're so glad to have good friends to share these special moments with here in Texas!

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