Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July Celebrations

We started celebrating Fourth of July this past Sunday by dressing the girls up in their cute red, white, and blue for church. It has been so hot, so we spent most of the day playing inside after church.
The actual holiday snuck up on me, being on a Wednesday this year, so I completely forgot about the Teddy Bear Parade in League City that we loved last year! Instead, we spent the morning at the neighborhood pool, and we had a great time. Once the girls were sufficiently worn out, we went back to the house for lunch and naps.
After the girls' naps, we got them dressed in their adorable smocked flag dresses and made our way to University Baptist Church for their Symbols of Freedom concert and picnic. The concert was awesome, and it was a perfect way to celebrate the symbols of our country as well as the symbol of our freedom in Christ with the cross. After the concert, we made our way onto the church lawn where there were tons of restaurant vendors selling their food for tickets. I had a delicious, and extremely messy, bbq sandwich, Josh had two James Coney Island hot dogs, and Lila had a Double Daves peperoni pizza roll. She also had her first ice cream cone, and she thoroughly enjoyed it!

We visited with friends for a while at church before making our way back to our house to watch fireworks in the neighborhood with some more friends. The Pumos came over, and Lila and Hunter had a great time playing with each other and watching the fireworks.  By the time that the fireworks were over, we were all so exhausted from the busy day. We had a great fourth, and we're so glad that Alli was here with us this year to celebrate!

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