Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Oh my goodness, this place was too cute that I had to reserve an entire post for the pictures! It is a little girls' heaven (and maybe even a little bit of mine too!!). Lila had such a great time getting pampered by her fairy godmother's in training, and I will definitely be coming back here on our next visit!
choosing her hair style

in the dressing room all changed

loving the crown already

makeup time


a little face bling

cute smock

Alli got a little love too

waving at baby sister

"bibbidy bobbidy boo"

her strand of hair was sticking straight up

crown time

Alli was mesmerized watching sister

princess-in-training sticker

time for the birthday sash

She had to close her eyes before she could see herself in the mirror

still closed

not sure she recognized herself haha

walking with her godmother in training to the lobby

hugs goodbye

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