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Nineteen Months Old *February 13, 2012*

I know this is interrupting the Disney posts, but I didn't want it to get too much later. We've had a 19-month old for a week now, and she's getting more and more into the terrible twos, but still can be as sweet as ever. The girls still love each other and play with each other so well most of the time, but they definitely have their sister fights.  We have loved watching Alli learn, grow, and talk so much more this past month.
Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh about 21 pounds  and are 29.50 inches tall. 
*You got a new tooth this past month, which brings the total to 13.

*You love saying "hi" and "bye bye" to anyone and everyone. Your "bye's" actually sound right since you say your b's now. 
*You still love Chevy and still call him "dog." You look for him each morning. When we ask you what a doggie says, you say "woof woof."

*Your vocabulary has grown even more. Here are the words you say most often: NO, nope, duck, cow, tree, please, waffle, milk, dog, Lila, mama, dada, mommy, animals, Nemo, hi, hello, shoes, wow, uh huh, yes, Ye-Ye and Mamu (for your grandmamas), edaddy, thanks, yeah, stinky, and outside.

*The phrases that you  say are  "That's mine," "I need help," "milk please," "I'm hurt," "I'm sorry," "That's hot," "That's mine."

*You can repeat most one-syllable words that we ask you. 
*You actually say the full word, "milk", now. You also still drink about four full cups per day. You will steal Lila's too if it's closer than yours. 

*You still love pretending to talk on the phone or to take pictures with a camera. 

*Still hooked on the pacis; we've gotten so bad about letting you have them all day this past month...sigh...not sure how or when we'll give it up for good??

*You are such a monkey and love to climb on everything.  

*Taking one big nap per day from 2-4. You sleep for a max of 2 hours and rarely ever longer than that.

*You love to wake up early, and most days you are up at 7am. The past week, you have slept until 7:30, but that is more rare. Bedtime is between 7:45 and 8pm.
*Your eating habits are so random these days. You will eat the baby food pouches sometimes, but you love anything in the form of a cracker or bread. You love sweets, waffles, apples, bananas, cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, and grapes. You will eat Gerber ravioli as well as the pinwheel pasta meals. You LOVE any kind of berries too!

*Still wearing size 3 diapers, 12-18 month clothes (some 24 month clothes, but that's more rare), 12 and 18 month sleepers (all of the 9 month sleepers are finally getting too snug).
*You love to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad and will dance the whole time. The volume doesn't even have to be up, you just like to watch them dance.  You also love to watch Finding Nemo ever since Disney world. 

*You have gotten to be quite the little iPad pro. You love all of the Fisher Price apps as well as the other apps that are for toddlers. 

*You had such a great time at Disney this past month. You absolutely loved eating breakfast outside while watching the animals. You loved all of the shows and rides too. You were a little scared of the characters until Daisy Duck made you comfortable. After that, you loved them all. We all had a fabulous time!

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