Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lila's Birthday Chapel

Lila's preschool does chapel every Thursday, and the Thursday before we left for Disney (January 31st) they recognized her birthday (each week they recognize the birthdays). She got to wear a birthday crown and was so proud. I usually don't stay for chapel because I have to drop Alli off at her school, but Josh and I were able to go for Lila's chapel recognition.

She was so happy when she saw us, and her class was so cute walking in single-file. They sang a few songs, which Lila loved, and then they called the birthday friends up to the stage. Lila took off running and was so happy to get to the stage. She stood right in the middle while everyone sang. It was so cute to see, and I'm so glad that Josh and I both were able to be there for her!
her little class
prayer time
saying their prayer

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