Monday, February 4, 2013

Lila: 33-36 Months

Milestones and Memories from November 3, 2012-February 3, 2013

November 2012 Memories (33-34 Months): 
*Still doing really well with your potty training, and you are 100% potty trained at home and about 85% when we're out or at school.
*You love Ethan and will sing about him. You call him your boyfriend. 
*You still love watching "agiation movers" (imagination movers)
*We had a fun Thanksgiving with Karsyn and Chandler. You still love Karsyn so much!
December 2012 Memories (34-35 Months):
*You call alli "allay" and sound like a British person when you say it.
*You love Christmas time and everything that goes with it.
*Your favorite ornament on the Christmas tree is the camera and the Winnie the Pooh.
*You want a blue bicycle and candy from Santa for Christmas
*You had a great time decorating your gingerbread house at Ms. Sandra's house. 
*You still love your school and Ethan, Chloe, and Meghan are your best friends. 
*You can say your /l/'s now. 
*You call Mickey mouse "Mickey Clubhouse" now
*You had a great Christmas and loved playing with the art cart that Santa brought. 
*You love your Leap Pad 2 that Santa brought for you at yeye and edaddy's house. 
January 2013 Memories (35-36 Months): 
*You wrote your name at school on 1/10/13 totally unprompted and unassisted. Your teachers were SOO impressed. You are one smart cookie!
*You know all of your letters (and have for a while now), but you are learning what they say now. You can tell us what letter some words start with by hearing the sound like mommy, daddy, baby, zoo, etc. 
*You like Cinderella and Toy Story. You are becoming better at sitting still for longer Disney movies now. 
*You have recently gotten into Little Mermaid as well. 
*You love your ocean in a bottle that you made at school. You play with it in the car, and it will cheer you up when you are in a bad mood.
*You only wear big girl panties to school now, but still wear Pull Ups at night and naps.
*You had a great time at your birthday party. 
*We are spending your 3rd birthday at Disney World. 

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