Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dinner with Cinderella

On Monday night of our trip, we went to the Grand Floridian resort to have dinner with Cinderella and her other characters at 1900 Park Fare.  We posed for a photo op when we checked in, and then we were escorted to our table.  We had a big table right in the corner, which was nice and quiet.
Cinderella came by first, which made Lila so excited. She is her favorite princess by far, and Lila was starstruck when she saw her.  The prince came by next, just in time to make Alli stop crying (I'm not sure what made her cry in the first place). The prince was a good/handsome distraction.  The stepmother came by next and kept telling Alli to "shush", which was pretty funny. Alli was so confused as to who she was and why she was telling her to be quiet, but the stepmother was definitely in character.  Lila thought she was great and snapped a cute picture with her.  The stepsisters were the last to come by, and they were pretty great in character as well.
The rest of the night, the characters marched around the restaurant in a parade and had a few dances in the middle. Lila wanted to watch them dance, and she and I danced along with the characters to our own little beat. She had a blast dancing, and she will still ask me to dance with her on occasion.
When we got back to the hotel, it was already way past their bedtime. We got them undressed, and they were being so silly. I had to snap a few shots of them being their silly selfs and then a few more pictures in their cute Minnie Mouse jammies from Ashley.
Alli patting Lila's belly
silly sisters

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