Thursday, February 21, 2013

Perfectly Princess Tea Party

Lila's place card


On the morning of our last full day, the girls attended the Perfectly Princess Tea Party in the Garden Room at the Grand Floridian Resort.  It was hosted by Rose Petal and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).  It was so cute, and each girl got their very own Aurora baby doll, bracelet, pink rose, and princess crown.  Each princess was formally announced one by one to receive their crown and to be led to their table. We sipped on tea (apple juice for the little ones) and ate delicious finger sandwiches and fresh fruit. It was all really tasty. 
Alli was getting impatient waiting for our table
Rose Petal
place cards 
our wonderful piano player
Lila's pretty bracelet from Aurora
Rose Petal told stories, while a man (I forgot his name...terrible) played Disney princess songs on the piano.  After a while, Princess Aurora made her appearance, and all of the girls were so excited.  Lila looked at her in complete adoration. Aurora led the girls around the room in a princess parade and then visited each girl at their individual table while we were all eating cake. She gave each little princess a pink rose, and she and Rose Petal signed the place cards for the girls. 
Lila loved her "tea"
princess's lunch
adult's lunch
"Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" ...I kept trying to tell her that was the wrong fairytale :)
so into Rose Petal's story
teaching the girls to curtsey 
walking in the parade around the room
Aurora grabbed her hand to walk with her
It was a really cute program (even though it was a little too old for Alli, she didn't want to sit still for the whole two hours), but Lila had a great time.  I will definitely wait until the girls are both at least 3 to come back, but I'm glad that we went!
cake--It was SO good!
Alli getting a rose

Princess parade around the Grand Floridian

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